Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is an innovative technology platform that allows our exclusive new car franchise dealerships to continually post exclusive deals and offers for new cars, used cars, services, accessories, leasing, rentals and financing to attract consumers’ to do business with them.

2. How do I use

Simply use the search options located at the top of the site and enter in the type of vehicle, product or service you are looking for.  You can even use the location search option to find deals closest to you as well as across the country for a broader comparison.  Hit the SEARCH button and begin viewing all of the current daily deal offers.

Each offer has it’s own inventory count letting you know how many are available, how much time is left and how much each offer is as well as the exact discount amount and a map showing the exact location of each offer.

You can use the search options to find new, used, rentals, leasing opportunities, services, accessories and financing.

3. Is endorsed or sponsored by any automobile manufacturers?

Although maintains and/or seeks cooperative business relationships with automobile manufacturers, remains an independent company that is not endorsed or sponsored by any particular automobile manufacturer.

4. Are there any fees for using does not charge any fees to consumers for using our website and services.

We only charge our exclusive auto dealers, service providers and finance companies a flat monthly fee to utilize our website.  This helps keep their costs to a minimum which allows them to pass off more savings to the consumer.

In some instances, we also receive fees from automobile manufacturers and/or third-party service providers.

5. What privacy information does collect from me as a shopping consumer?

Very little since you will be purchasing directly from the dealers and vendors themselves and not us.

We do require your name and email address to register to use our site.  In some instances you may be required to provide your home address, phone number and basic payment information when making purchases on our site.  This information is not stored or saved by us and is required by the merchant processors solely for the purpose of verifying your age and authorization to make a purchase

We use cookies and automatically collect information that your browser and device may provide to us, including geolocation information. We may also collect and receive information from third parties, including social media networks, and combine that information with information that you provide to us.

Other than that we do not share any of your information with any third parties for additional marketing purposes.

You do have an option to join our newsletter and have the right to opt out at any time.

6. Does sell or service vehicles? does not sell any type of vehicle, service or vehicle component, and does not service vehicles. is a provider of information about vehicles and a platform for exclusive dealers and service providers to use for the purposes of marketing and selling their products and services.

7. How do I redeem my offer after I pay for it?

As part of the technology platform service we offer to each exclusive dealer and service provider includes a voucher that you receive upon successfully completing your purchase.

The vouchers are in PDF format and have a unique Voucher Number and will state the name of the business, location and the offer you purchased.  Each dealer and service provider have access to look up your specific voucher / purchase in their back-office account on

We recommend that you first call the dealer or service provider to inform them that you just successfully completed purchasing their product or service and then make arrangements to meet and secure your purchase.

8. How much does it cost to become a vendor on

Here are the various membership plans for becoming a vendor on   Click Here For Membership Plans

Please keep in mind that we will manually approve your membership to begin using our website after we have verified your business information.

Your first step to becoming a vendor is to first REGISTER and apply to become a vendor and provide us your business information.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

9. How do I become a Vendor?

It’s easy to register to become a vendor: (follow instructions and animation below)

  1. Click on “Vendor Login/Register” under Vendor Management
  2. Create “Username”, add “Email” and “Password” and click on “Apply to become vendor?” box
  3. Complete all business related (and required) fields, check box stating that you have read and accepted “Terms & Conditions” and click on “REGISTER”